The Differences Between Sure and Value Betting

Every betting player’s dream is to make a successful bet. One that wins. When betting, you may have your eyes on the odds, which determines how much you bag in the end. You may not always have the guarantee of a winning probability with any bookmaker. Nevertheless, value and sure betting provide upper-hand situations with higher probability.

Value Bets

Betting odds point to a low or high winning probability. Value betting takes on a higher probability, regardless of the odds. In this case, you will be betting against bookmakers, who provide an opportunity for a value bet by offering high/overpriced odds. You can determine the value by working your probability against the odds.


  • Make profits on overpriced odds;
  • High profits;
  • Easy and quick process;
  • Bookmakers may not easily identify a value bet;
  • You need only a few bookmakers.


  • You risk losses.

Sure Bets

Bookmakers have different opinions on an event’s outcome. Thus, they may offer varying odds. You can make profits by sure betting on all outcomes with different bookmakers. In this case, any outcome will work to your advantage, with guaranteed wins. Read more online!


  • Make profits, regardless of outcomes;
  • Steady profits;
  • Little to no risks;
  • Easy strategy.


  • You need many bookmakers for success.
  • The odds could change.

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