How to Play Blackjack

Blackjack was formerly called twenty-one. It was played with the Spanish baraja deck, which doesn’t have eights or nines. The game was later introduced in the U.S., and is currently played with a 32 card deck. It came to be called Blackjack, named in relation to one of its bonus payouts.

According to Blackjack is the second most popular game in the world. The primary reasons for the game’s popularity are the simplicity of the game and its interactive nature.

How to Play the Game

To start playing, you place your bet by stacking chips in the betting square on the table directly in front of you. After all the players have placed their bets, each player and the dealer are given two cards. In a ‘shoe’ game, the players are not allowed to touch their cards, which are dealt face up. In a single- or double-deck game dealt by hand, players may pick their card with one hand and they are dealt face down. Either way, one of the dealer’s cards is turned face up so the players can see it.

After all the cards are dealt, the dealer plays according to set rules: The dealer must draw more cards to any total of 16 or less and must stand on any total of 17 or more. In some casinos, the dealer will also draw to “soft” 17, which is a 17, including an Ace or Aces that could also be counted as a 7.
Some specific terms used in Blackjack include: hit, stand, double down, split, resplitting of Aces, early surrender, late surrender, double-downs, etc. These are dependent on the variant of Blackjack played, whether at an online or physical casino.

Blackjack is a game of skill and luck, and there have been some huge winners so keep practicing and you could be the next millionaire.

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