Famous Blackjack players

The Blackjack Hall of Fame has over 21 members but there are probably only three who stand out as having achieved worldwide fame.

Al Francesco

Al Francesco invented team playing where a group of players play at different games in the room counting cards. When one of them realises that the odds were becoming more favourable in their game then they call the “big player” of the team to join that game. The “big player” would then place a large bet which would normally be successfully. This made it harder for pit bosses to stop players who were counting cards as a new player would come in to place the winning bets.

Ken Uston

Ken Uston is famous as the player who received a virtual worldwide ban from casinos. He perfected his card counting skills playing as part of a team with Al Francesco and wrote several bestselling books about blackjack strategies. Uston had to resort to wearing disguises although his flamboyant style of playing often made it easy for casinos to identify him.

Stanford Wong

Stanford is famous for inventing the strategy of “wonging” where players only step in to wager when they have identified advantageous odds. As a result of this, many casinos limit new players to starting only immediately after the deck has been shuffled.

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