Blackjack rules

What is Blackjack? Blackjack is a card comparison game which pits the player against the dealer in a one-to-one battle.
Played with a single deck of cards, the objective of the game is to defeat the dealer by bettering the numerical value of his cards or forcing him to exceed the designated limit of 21.

Rules of Blackjack

  • Players are initially dealt two cards which are then added together. Face cards are counted as ten, ace cards are counted as one or 11, and all other cards are counted by their numerical value.
  • The player then can decide to hold the cards and call on the dealer to take a card, or choose to take additional cards himself.
  • If a player’s card score exceeds 21 they lose the game. This is called Busting.
  • A player can also win by having any final score of less than 21 if the dealer’s cards have exceeded 21.
  • The dealer will take cards until their cards total 17 or more points. Players will also win if their cards’ total is higher than that of the dealer.
  • A player will also be victorious if their first two cards have the numerical value of 21. This is called a Blackjack.
  • Victory is confirmed when either the player or the dealer reaches a score of 21.

Brief history of Blackjack

Blackjack is one of the world’s most popular games. Its simple rules masking a game of nerve and deep calculation. It is thought to have originated amongst gamblers and fishermen in the ports of Western Europe in the early seventeenth century.

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